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Puckdropper has scored 263 goals and 281 assists in his lifetime.

Big Lesson of the Year

I went wider this year, out to 28' from my old 24'. Because of the new rink location, I did not know how far the liner would reach up the berm that made part of my boards, so wound up with too little liner on one side. The mud allowed the boards to shift, stretching and breaking the liner and causing a drop of approximately 2" of water depth.

The big lesson of the year is to make sure you have enough liner over all parts of the rink. The boards didn't shift much, only about an inch, but that was enough to cause problems.

Normally, I wouldn't give up halfway through the season, but the forecast is awful. Temperatures in the high 30's, with some up in the 50's. One fellow suggested a replacement liner, and while it would work I just didn't see the water freezing up again.

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