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"Old computers are getting to be a lost art. Here at Uncreative Labs, we still enjoy using the old computers. Sometimes we want to see how far a particular system can go, other times we use a stock system to remind ourselves of what we once had." -- Uncreative Labs Slogan

Welcome to what has become a much smaller computers section. I focus on some classic systems, putting my two cents into the pages and sometimes pointing to sites with more information. Some of the information pages I had previously have been moved to Uncreative Labs, where they are a better fit. If you're looking for something that was previously here, try looking at Uncreative Labs first.

One of the more difficult and common tasks on an old computer is that of installing a MFM hard drive. Unlike the modern IDE drives, the MFM drives cannot be easily moved from computer to computer, and cannot often be swapped from hard drive controller card to hard drive controller card. To help with the operation, take a look at Installing a MFM drive

Interested in a bit of computer history? Take a look at the IBM XT page.

It's difficult to love old computers and not learn anything about BASIC (BASIC is an acryomyn that stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming. I have two programs I've decided to share in the Qbasic Programs section.

My first laptop was the TI4000e. Even now, it's a very capable machine and still very nice. It had the best laptop keyboard and many good design features. Want to see more? Check out the TI 4000e section!

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