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When just playing around on the rink, it's easy to get into the habit of shuffling around and not really skating hard. When I get back to playing hockey, this habit seems to follow me for the first few shifts. So, this little game is intended to prevent that.

With the net at one end, stand behind the net in a corner and pass the puck towards the opposite corner. Chase the puck and catch it, then turn around and skate back hard for a shot on goal. For more challenge, pick a corner of the net to shoot at before you start.

Chase - D-zone

Dump the puck. You want to come in towards the fence or net hard, pick up the puck and look for an open man. An alternative is to stop behind the net (it can be imaginary) and get your head up to take a look. Take a few quick steps and either skate the puck out or make a pass. Practice looking around as you're skating for the puck, just as you would during a game.

For added challenge, pick a pass/shot type and keep doing it until you hit your target.

Four Corners

This is perhaps the game I play most often. I pick a corner and a shot type, and hit that corner with the shot. I vary locations to shoot from and after a successful shot I move to the next corner. I keep score by setting a goal like 10 in a row or 10 of 10 shots if close or something more reasonable if further away. This game can be played either stationary or moving.

Hitting the post only counts if the puck goes in!

Do you have any favorite games or drills? Feel free to answer in the comments.

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