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The Usenet group rec.woodworking has been home to many Jewels, Gems, and Just Plain Funny posts. We've had guys who could really tell a story, others that can turn a phrase and then there's me. I can really type all the letters in the right order to make words but not necessarily sense!

Luigi put together a fine humor page, but over time it's experienced link rot. My intention is to preserve the text and point to the source to combat link rot. I claim no copyright, but note that when you post to Usenet you do so with the expectation that your post will be archived in various forms. If there's an issue with copyright, e-mail me and I'll remove your post. My goal is to provide access to an archive, and I might link to reposts as Google Group's search is AWFUL. I will make a note of the source at the top of each page.

One of these days, I'll get around to a contact form... but puckdropper@yahoo.com works. Send me an e-mail if you'd like to add an article. Please include a link to the article, preferably the original post, so proper credit can be given!

Tom Gauldin

The Haircut
A Note of Caution
Crossing Kansas
Big Jim and the Sweetheart
Big Jim Mower Racing
Big Jim and the Sawzall is not archived here as it's rather graphic.

Tom Watson

Bob Schmall - Ballad of Tom Watson
The Time The Monkey Came To Live At Rube's Shop
The Twelve Days Of Christmas, WoodDorker's Style
Dead Man's Tools
Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here
El Guano
The Origin Of The KlownHammer
What is Woodworking
Norm Nowrecki - TheTale To This Point (Including Part Four)
Nahmie The Brad Nail Gunner


Crowbar FAQ


Bob Zajicek - Form Flame
Robatoy tells of one experience with an ISO certified company, Wilsonart Canada. This is one of my favorite stories.
Jim Mc Namara - The origin of Jummywood

Just Plain Funny

Action Norm
Drum Sander Sticker Shock and SWMBO
Gordon Shumway on Electricity
Charlie Self, I can't take any more A must-read linguistic discussion.
A review of wood glues of interest to woodworkers. It was still funny when I looked it up several months later, so it must be funny!


Swingman's Plywood Cart

While I was working on sorting out my wood storage, Swingman shared this solution for storing plywood. I built one for myself, and it turned out fantastically. Note that the dimensions are just that... it's not a plan. You can probably figure out the top rail yourself.

Usenet Post
Dimensions (link) Local Copy
As Built (link) Local Copy

Leon puts the squeeze on some wood

Leon - A Tip for Lubricating Your Clamps

Random Stuff

LRod's Webpage

http://www.woodbutcher.net/ It's significant because it's still there, even though I haven't seen him post in years. For the record, I did send him a check! (It was a giant ASCII checkmark.)

Does anyone have JOAT's e-mail address? I'd like to ask him if he'd look for some plans.

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